BootSkin Vista

BootSkin Vista 3.1

BootSkin Vista allows you to change the boot screen seen when Windows Vista first starts to load

The Vista default screen is black with a green progress bar. You can change that to any of a hundred different images called BootSkins. BootSkin Vista includes several to start with, while offers hundreds more to download.

With a paid subscription to Stardock's Object Desktop or Object Desktop suites, you gain the added ability to create your own BootSkins from any image. The image only needs to be 10 MB or under, in PNG or JPG (or JPEG) format (for best quality) or GIF or BMP graphic formats.

This opens a lot of possibilities to replace that drab loading screen with a picture of your family, that huge fish you really did catch, favorite pet, or any other image, including graphic art and more. With BootSkin Vista you can change the appearance of how Vista looks when starting up.


- Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit).
- 10 MB free drive space.
- 256 MB RAM.
- Impulse must be installed in order to download and update software.

BootSkin Vista - powerful and reliable software that will change you default screen and progress bar, etc.

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